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Elevate Summit

A unique travel experience designed to move forward together, strategize and take teamwork to new heights. Amidst inspiring environments, this weekend offers an excellent opportunity for leaders to connect, reflect and set goals together. This weekend is more than just a getaway; it’s an opportunity to transcend the daily hustle and bustle and focus on essential aspects of leadership and business strategy.

Our agenda includes not only business sessions, but also team building activities that strengthen collaboration and promote team spirit. Whether it concerns strategic brainstorming sessions, outdoor team building, or informal conversations around the campfire, this weekend guarantees a balanced mix of work and fun.

Book your Venue

Discover the versatile possibilities of our location, the perfect setting for realizing your creative visions and relaxation dreams. Whether you are planning a photography workshop, a yoga retreat, an organized hike, a wine tasting or another special experience, our facilities provide the ideal environment for your event.

Regardless of the type of event you have in mind, our location offers the flexibility and facilities to meet all your needs. Take control of your meeting and create unforgettable moments in a place that is as unique as your event. Let our location bring your ideas to life and leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.


Welcome to our unique incentives for employees at our beautiful domaine in the heart of France. We understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of your team.

At our domaine we strive to not only be a relaxing holiday destination, but also a source of inspiration and motivation for your valuable employees. Let us work together to create custom incentives that not only recognize the hard work, but also have a lasting impact on your team’s motivation and engagement. Discover the art of rewarding at our unique holiday domain in France.

Food & Beverage All Day

Our diverse and delectable food and beverage offerings are designed to tantalize your taste buds from sunrise to sunset.

Unlimited Wifi

Elevate your business retreats with seamless connectivity at our holiday domaine in the heart of France. Our exclusive B2B offering ensures your team stays effortlessly connected with unlimited Wi-Fi access, providing a reliable and high-speed internet connection for all your professional needs.

Team Building Activities

Forge deeper connections among your team members as they navigate outdoor challenges together. Our activities are designed to break down barriers, enhance communication, and build trust, creating a foundation for stronger professional relationships back in the workplace.

Please note that each room is equipped with the following facilities 

Unlimited Wifi

Air Conditioning




Our Suites

Welcome to our comfortable suites in the maison, where comfort meets elegance in every detail. Our thoughtfully designed suites are a sanctuary of peace, offering a blend of modern amenities and timeless charm.

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Feel free to get in touch with us – we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have a question, need more information, or want to share your feedback, our team is ready to connect with you.

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